Why Hydrocodone is Popular Drug among Patients?

Hydrocodone is an opioid drug used for relieving pain and suppressing the cough. It contains acetaminophen, which affects the part of the brain, which is responsible for reacting to the pain. Hydrocodone is used to suppress moderate to severe pain.

Addiction and abuse of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone works like any other opioid drug works by binding pain receptors in the brain and suppressing the pain in the body. By consuming Hydrocodone, patients also have a feeling of euphoria, which makes this drug prone to addiction and abuse. The patients become dependant on this drug for killing the pain. Hydrocodone is mostly taken orally; that is why patients can abuse it. Patients usually abuse this medicine because of the feeling of euphoria, numbness, sleepiness or lethargy, and reduction in stress and anxiety produced by consuming Hydrocodone.
The abuse begins when patients start to exceed their prescribed dosage. They take it more often, and also are unable to quit this drug, or consuming it through different methods like through injections or consuming by crushing.
The symptoms that are noticed in patients who abuse this medicine are:
     Dry mouth
     Blurry vision
     Slowed heartbeat

This drug not only has a long-lasting effect on the brain but also on the moods and behavior of the patients. Its abuse is dangerous as it can cause life-threatening breathing problems.

Dosage and Availability of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is available in forms of tablets and pills and is usually consumed orally. The physicians prescribe 1-2 tablets in 4-6 hours to initial patients. The maximum dosage reaches a total of 8 tablets in 24 hours. The addicted patients exceed this prescription,
The doctors strictly advise not to increase or decrease the dosage of Hydrocodone without consulting their healthcare specialist as it is dangerous for the health of the patients. Patients should also not stop consuming this medicine abruptly, as it may cause serious withdrawal side-effects. To stop consuming this medicine, doctors slowly reduce the daily dosage until the patient’s body does not require this drug anymore.
This medicine is readily available in drug stores. Patients can buy Hydrocodone online from trustworthy sites that provide good quality drugs and at low prices. There are many sites that have Hydrocodone for sale online. Patients purchasing this drug from online sites should be vigilant and take care of quality, ingredients, and the pharmacy logo while buying this drug.


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